About us

About us


who we are

Criteria Design Group – CDG – is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior designing, landscaping and urban planning company. The company was first founded in 2007 under the name ICE – International Consultancy Engineering and then was relaunched in 2013 with its new identity holding a uniquely new concept as reflected in its present name, Criteria Design Group. We mainly operate from Egypt having our head office located in Maadi, Cairo.

CDG Experts have been in the field for more than fifteen years, working in different architectural and design projects to private and governmental entities on various scopes and sizes.


Our philosophy

CDG Philosophy proceeds from our awareness that we contribute to an integral aspect of life, which is design, resulting into an urban and architectural output. Knowing the fact that architectural design is not the same as the rest of arts, having the effect of touching everyone around and not just the interested ones, we developed our passion to our philosophy. We believe that constructional and architectural products constitute the boarders to all human activities as well as being one of the main effective optical components to the surrounding environment. This results in being the most effective element to human efficiency and the source of sensing the environment

identity and its beauty. Concluding the robust bond between the human being and architecture, our philosophy is reflected in what we call Values Trilogy forming a strong correlation between human basic spiritual and materialistic needs starting by artistic values such as arty and practical ones, as well as environmental values such as weather, geography and energy, etc… and finally cultural values such as social and economic ones. Our theory summed up in our trilogy forms an innovative outcome that mirrors upon a happier life with increased loyalty to our habitation.



As we move towards our goal of becoming world
class Architect & Design pioneer, our aim is to provide
people with ultimate creative design solutions that
lead to a happier life which reflects the identity and
promotes loyalty.


We will invest and develop our resources to promote innovation and creativity while rendering personal needs as well as artistic, cultural and environmental values to our customers. Presenting what exceeds expectations through providing inventive architect and design solutions with excellent quality and optimum convenience.


Our Fantastic Team

Mrs. Amany A. Adham
Relationship Manager

Eng. Hesham A. Helal
CEO & Founder, M.Sc.

Eng. Mohamed Hamza
Site Manager

Eng Ahmed Abd Elaziz

Eng. Ahmed Anwar

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed
Assistant Manager

Khaled Shehata

Mr. Kalil Minshawi
Accounting Manager