Our Services

Our Services

design Consultation

The complete vision to design starts from
Urban layout…
– CDG philosophical vision starts from the
level of urban designing and that is by
introducing creative solutions to buildings
relation to each other and to the exterior
layout. That is presented in a way that
integrates all environmental, social and
artistic dimensions.
Nice buildings, those are associated to their
environment and culture…
– At CDG, we deliver design work and
architecture consultations as well as
management of collaborating engineering
specialties to all building types such as
residential, administrative or commercial,
etc…- Our service mainly aims to present
innovative artistic solutions to buildings that
harmonize with environmental and cultural
Creative solutions described as beautiful
that aim for your values & needs…
– We offer full service of designing and
executing interior decor according to
the customer’s needs and requirements
up till the level of furniture, textile and
accessories selection as well as lighting
setting and distribution. That is to achieve
a complementary vision reaching to details
and expressing the customer’s character,
values and taste as well as meeting his/
her needs and fitting his budget.
A reflection of the inside to outside…
– We present an integrated service
of landscaping to the site by all its constituents
such as soft-scape and hardscape aiming to
fulfill the customer’s goals and requirements.
Our purpose is achieved through original
solutions that are harmonious with the
architectural and interior designs of the
surrounding buildings.

Construction management &technical supervision


The execution that gives an added value
to the design…
– At CDG, we serve as:
• Technical supervision to executions.
• Executions “Interior design projects”.
• Project Management.
– Through a capable & specialized team
which holds fixed values based on
transparency and commitment and able
to manage time, cost, construction, and
contracts as well as monitor quality.